Difference Between Dependence & Addiction?
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Every day, thousands of people struggle with substance abuse. Substance abuse is a common topic in the media, but not everyone knows the difference between addiction and dependence. We’ll discuss what those definitions are, and how to seek professional help for those life-altering issues. 

What is Dependence?

Dependence is a term that is used to describe the physical and psychological need for a drug. People who are dependent on drugs will experience withdrawal symptoms if they stop taking them, and they will need to take more of the drug in order to achieve the same desired effect. 

There are various types of drugs that can cause dependence, including opioids, stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens, and alcohol.

There are two types of dependence: physical and psychological. 

Physical dependence occurs when you have developed a tolerance for the drug – meaning you need higher doses in order to feel any effects at all – or when your body has developed withdrawal symptoms as a result of stopping use. 

Psychological dependence occurs when you have lost your ability to control or cut down on your use because you feel compelled to continue using it regardless

What is Addiction?

Addiction is a chronic brain disorder that is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use despite harmful consequences. Addiction can be caused by the effects of drugs and alcohol or can be the result of genetic or environmental factors.

Some people are more likely to develop an addiction than others because of their genetics or environment. Some people may have an addiction because they were exposed to drugs or alcohol as a child, while others may have an addiction because they are genetically predisposed to addiction.

Scientists are finding new and different genetic markers that may be associated with addiction. These genetic markers can help researchers understand the root of addiction and how to better treat it. Although, until scientists make further progress with their research, rehab centers remain the best option for any struggling with addiction or dependence. 

How to Get Treatment for Dependence or Addiction

There are many ways to obtain help for dependence and addiction. Substance abuse can be devastating, but it is a treatable condition. Substance abuse treatment is offered in every country. Inpatient programs help people stop using substances, learn how to live without them, and teach them how to avoid relapse.

Inpatient programs, also known as residential programs, have been used for decades to help people stop using substances, learn how to live without them, and teach them how to avoid relapse. These inpatient programs are often the best option for people who are battling addiction and need a safe space away from their everyday lives so they can focus on getting better.

Addiction is a progressive disease that can have devastating consequences. It can affect every part of a person’s life, including their family, work, and social life. Here at Elysium Healthcare, we make every patient’s recovery journey a priority. 

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