If you or someone you know struggles with alcohol or drug misuse, multiple rehab programs are available throughout California. Of the various options, partial hospitalization may be an especially suitable choice.

What is Partial Hospitalization Rehab?

Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) provide full-service treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. The services usually include both individual group work, and participating receive assistance from several different qualified professionals.

Participating in a PHP program requires being at the facility for much of the day, either five or seven days a week depending on the program. Participants go home each day, however, and don’t spend the night at the facility. Because of this schedule, PHP rehab is sometimes colloquially referred to as “day rehab.”

Depending on the substance used, participants may enroll specifically in PHP alcohol rehab treatment or PHP drug rehab treatment. Participants can also enroll in a program that offers both types of PHP treatments. Most facilities that offer PHP in California have both alcohol and drug programs.

How Are PHP Rehab and Residential Rehab Different?

PHP rehab and residential rehab programs offer comparable levels of service, and you can get extensive care through either type of program. The difference between these two lies in where participants spend their downtime.

Whereas PHP rehab allows participants to go to their real place of residence in the evenings/mornings, participants of residential rehab spend all of their time at the facility.

Depending on a person’s situation and treatment needs, either type of program may be preferable. PHP programs offer flexibility that makes treatment accessible even if they have other obligations during non-treatment hours. Residential programs inherently have more supervision and accountability.

How Are PHP Rehab and Outpatient Rehab Different?

PHP rehab generally offers more extensive treatment than outpatient rehab programs are able to. Outpatient programs frequently combine services piecemeal, adding on services as deemed appropriate and as fit into a participant’s schedule. Going to a facility for hours each day requires a bigger time commitment, but also allows providers to offer more services.

Again, both PHP rehab and outpatient rehab have their places within the addiction treatment landscape.

PHP rehab makes extensive care readily available, and this level of care is often necessary in cases of addiction.

Outpatient rehab ensures that even people who have extensive obligations can get at least some treatment. Outpatient rehab also sometimes acts as an initial point of contact for participants who eventually enroll in PHP, and outpatient is widely used to provide participants with ongoing care after they complete a PHP alcohol rehab or PHP drug rehab program.

What Treatments Do People Receive When They Enroll in California PHP Programs?

Facilities that offer PHP rehab in California treat a wide array of substance misuse, abuse and addiction. They see patients that have anywhere from mild addiction to severe addiction, and they offer PHP alcohol rehab, PHP prescription drug rehab and PHP controlled substance rehab.

In many cases, California PHP rehab facilities also offer treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders. Many facilities have qualified professionals who can assist with anxiety, depression and trauma issues, for instance.

The actual treatments usually include a combination of individual and group work:

  • Individual work may include dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), narrative therapy, trauma informed therapy, attachment therapy, family systems therapy and other methods
  • Group work may include family therapy, emotional sobriety, process groups, recovery groups, addiction neurobiology classes, trigger awareness sessions and others
  • Supplemental work may include spirituality discussions, yoga, meditation periods, mindful walking, mindful eating and other activities

These sorts of services are normally administered by a combination of doctors, nurses, counselors, social workers, instructors and other knowledgeable professionals.

Programs generally state what methods they use and what professionals they employ upfront, so participants know how treatment will proceed once they enroll.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing PHP Drug Rehab or PHP Alcohol Rehab?

PHP rehab offers a convenient way to get extensive treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. No other addiction treatment combines extensive treatment with home-at-night convenience in the same way that PHP does.

Additionally, there are PHP programs throughout California. Whether in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, another metropolis or a more rural part of the state, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a program (or several) that’s within commuting distance. We at Outpatient Los Angeles provide PHP rehab for residents throughout the Los Angeles area.

Is PHP Rehab Treatment Effective?

Both PHP alcohol rehab and PHP drug rehab have been shown to be effective. These programs can be effective on their own, or when combined with other treatments that are completed before or after.

A qualified professional can help you determine whether this is the most appropriate type of addiction treatment for your situation.

Does Health Insurance Cover PHP Rehab Treatment?

Many health insurance policies cover PHP rehab for diagnosed drug or alcohol addiction. Exactly what programs are covered depends on the terms of a policy, as well as how well the program is covered.

Regardless of insurance, anyone who’s struggling with addiction should reach out. Cost-conscious solutions are readily available when programs are covered by insurance, but affordable options frequently also are available to people who don’t have full insurance coverage.

If cost is a concern, reach out to a professional who can help you evaluate your options and apply for any financial assistance that may be available.

Find a PHP Rehab Program in California

If this addiction treatment sounds like it might be right for you, contact us at Outpatient Los Angeles to learn more about PHP rehab. One of our team members will be happy to discuss this treatment in further detail with you.