Sober Living

In order to achieve long-term sobriety, many clients choose to transition into a sober living facility after the completion of their drug addiction recovery program. Sober living facilities allow clients to achieve their maximum potential before heading out into the real world and returning to their normal lives.

Among other like-minded individuals and in an environment that is free from drugs and alcohol, our clients can find the strength and fortitude they need to continue living a sober lifestyle after rehab.

What Is Sober Living?

Sober living refers to the stage of drug and alcohol addiction rehab that comes right before clients return home and to their regular lives and routines. It’s typically the last stage of a comprehensive rehab program.

At a sober living home in California, clients live independently in a drug- and alcohol-free homelike environment. Meetings and activities are often scheduled for clients who wish to participate as well. These are encouraged as a way to better handle the transition to regular life. They help bridge the gap between inpatient or outpatient rehab and home.

Not all clients choose to live in sober living facilities after their addiction treatment programs end. But it is a common choice for many people. Often, those with more serious addictions, who are more reticent about leaving rehab, will benefit the most from sober living.

How Can Sober Living Help You?

One of the most difficult aspects of recovering from drug or alcohol abuse is returning to normal life. This is because normal life is generally the environment in which an addiction can begin and fester.

Substance abuse often starts within peer groups, among friends. Or, it can even begin within families who have a history of abusing drugs or alcohol. When individuals are constantly and consistently around others who use and abuse illicit substances, this makes it difficult not to do the same.

Physical and emotional abuse and other personal and familial traumas can also bring about addiction or make it worse. It’s not uncommon for addiction to start as a result of someone losing a loved one, being fired or downsized, or receiving a serious health diagnosis. These situations can lead to general sadness, which can morph into clinical depression and other mental health disorders. Or, if a certain mental health condition is already present, such trauma may exacerbate the symptoms.

All of this can turn “having a glass of wine at night to unwind” into drinking a whole bottle or more every night. Recreational drug use can also surge, as can the abuse of prescription medications.

Even after the successful completion of a drug rehab program, how is someone supposed to return to the same environment, the same family and friend group, the same living situation, and the same challenges … all while remaining sober?

This is where California sober living comes in.

The Benefits of a Sober Living Homes in California

To be sure, if you have put in all the hard work, pain, and dedication to successfully complete a drug rehab program, you do not want to return home only to hit rock bottom again.

You did the work. You unraveled yourself completely and learned to understand the root cause of your addiction. You met your challenges head on. And you came out in one piece. For this, you should congratulate yourself. And you should also figure out the best possible way to return home with confidence and clarity.

At a sober living home in California, you can fully prepare yourself to return to your normal life as a whole person who won’t get stuck in the vicious cycle of substance abuse and addiction again. Sober living facilities can offer you:

  • A sober environment, totally free from drugs and alcohol
  • Reduced stress (fewer responsibilities and more time to focus on taking care of yourself)
  • Protection (fortification against outside forces that may negatively influence you, including toxic friends or family members)
  • Privacy (the ability to focus on getting better without being simultaneously scrutinized by friends, family members, or colleagues)
  • A structured lifestyle (help organizing your day and staying on top of your needs and obligations)
  • Peers who want the same thing as you — to recover and stay in recovery
  • Meetings and counseling sessions (support from counselors, medical professionals, and peers who can help you stay on track)

What to Expect at a Sober Living Facility

Sober living facilities are “inpatient” in that clients live and sleep onsite. However, they offer more freedom than nearly any other program because they mimic a regular residential home in many ways.

The best way to succeed at a sober living facility is to prioritize your recovery and continue receiving help from your peers and staff members. Seek out friends, participate in counseling groups and individual sessions, and put your recovery first.

About Sober Complex

Elysium Health operates a California sober living facility called Sober Complex.

Sober Complex offers a luxurious, serene environment where clients can complete their recovery before returning home. Our facilities are located within brand-new, high-end townhomes and features numerous upscale amenities. There is also 24/7 access to recovery staff and high-end luxury transportation available for individuals to attend meetings.

Is Sober Living Right for You?

Sober living can help improve your chances of being successful after recovery. Instead of going straight from your recovery program to an unstructured environment at home, protect yourself and consider a sober living facility.

Naturally, you want the Best Sober Living Homes in California. Elysium Health operates one of the leading top living facilities in California. With state-of-the-art facilities, a calm and comforting environment, and numerous supports to help you stay sober, Sober Complex could be the perfect option for you. Contact us today to learn more.