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According to recent data from LA County, approximately 725,000 people 12 and older in Los Angeles County struggle with substance use disorder. That’s approximately 8.4 percent of the population.

In the entire state of California, experts estimate there are roughly 6,200 overdose deaths every year — that’s the highest number of drug overdose deaths per state in the country. About 45 percent of those deaths involve the use of opioids.

No matter what location you’re talking about, these numbers are too high.

So, what is someone to do when they’re struggling with substance abuse themselves? Or, what if you have a close friend or loved one who is struggling? Is there hope?

When it comes to addiction, the only way out is through. And attempting to fight your way through substance abuse on your own is nearly impossible. Instead, you need to get help at a professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

Elysium Health can help you or a loved one successfully battle addiction with our strategic rehabilitation and detox programs. Our state-of-the-art facilities and top-notch professionals have already helped thousands of individuals find hope after addiction. We’d love to help you too.

Areas We Serve

Elysium Health can help you battle addiction close to where you live in California. Or, we can provide an oasis away from your home location where you can put the struggles of your past behind you and start fresh.

We primarily serve the following areas in California:

  • Los Angeles
  • Beverly Hills
  • West Hollywood
  • Chatsworth
  • Garden Grove
  • Canoga Park

Why Do Californians Struggle So Much With Addiction?

The state of California is currently struggling with multiple widespread issues that seem to coincide and cross with one another, exacerbating each of the other problems in the broader scope.

Of course, one of the main problems continues to be drug abuse and addiction. This has been worsened, however, by the ongoing homelessness crisis. In turn, homelessness has exacerbated the war on drugs.

Other issues include widespread mental illness, which has steadily increased over the previous few decades. Overall poverty and widespread unemployment are other issues that have created a large population of economically disadvantaged individuals and families. Naturally, poverty and joblessness can often lead to homelessness, and mental illnesses and substance use disorders become concurrent issues that residents are forced to contend with.

When Government Help Doesn’t Go Far Enough

The government of California has put forth numerous initiatives to help its residents, many of which have intended to combat the drug abuse and addiction crisis. Because much of the crisis revolves around opioid abuse, the initiatives have been primarily focused on these substances; though, all drugs and alcohol continue to pose problems for hundreds of thousands of California residents.

Unfortunately, government initiatives have not been enough to put even a small dent in the widespread drug crisis that plagues the state of California. For many residents, this means that the fight needs to come home. When an individual is struggling with a substance abuse condition, it is obvious they need to take matters into their own hands and attend a drug rehab program they can get the help they need.

How Elysium Health Rehab Centers Can Help

Elysium Health is California’s premier provider of addiction and mental health treatment services. We offer numerous high-end, luxury facilities throughout the state of California where you or your loved one can get the help they need to recover from substance use disorder.

If you are currently struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol and are interested in enrolling in a substance abuse rehab program in California, here’s how Elysium Health can help you.

Detoxification services can help you get sober right away.

With many addictions, detox is the first step. Drug detox looks different for every individual. If your substance of abuse is one that is uniquely difficult to detox from, don’t worry. We can help.

Our medical staff is highly trained and skilled at helping individuals eliminate the toxins in their bodies before rehab begins. Even when it comes to the most addictive of substances, we’ll help you safely manage withdrawal symptoms and move away from drug dependence.

We offer different levels of care for different client conditions.

Anyone who has struggled with substance abuse knows that everyone experiences the illness of addiction differently. Whereas one person may have been battling drinking for years or even decades, another person may have never touched drugs until recently — and now, they’re suddenly in the throes of addiction.

No matter what situation you find yourself in, we have a program for you. Our extensive selection of drug rehab centers includes both inpatient and outpatient locations.

Sober living can help you transition from rehab to everyday life.

Many individuals who have struggled with addiction in the past fear going back to their everyday lives. After all, that was where their addictions started, and going back could mean returning to triggers, toxic environments, and negative influences within friend groups and family circles.

Fortunately, a sober living facility can act as a much-needed buffer between attending rehab and returning to your everyday life. You’ve worked hard to get where you are. Use our sober living facility to ensure you’re ready to keep living a sober lifestyle.

We’re Here When You’re Ready

Let’s face it — there’s never a good time to go to rehab. It’s always going to seem too scary. It’s always going to seem too intimidating. It’s always going to seem too overwhelming.

Still, the rewards you can reap from a top-end rehabilitation center like those offered at Elysium Health are monumental. Take a chance on yourself. If you live in California and you’re ready to take the next step on your road to addiction recovery, contact Elysium Health today.