Canoga Park

Are you struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol, or do you know someone close who is?

Canoga Park, California is a beautiful subsection of Los Angeles that’s filled with opportunities for outdoor recreation, relaxing in parks, and getting away to the mountains. If the outdoors isn’t your preferred pastime, there are also plenty of opportunities afforded by restaurants, shops, art galleries, museums, theaters and more.

If you’re captive to addiction, though, all of this beauty and opportunity can be marred by other desires. Know that there is hope through treatment. Whether this is your first time or fiftieth time seeking drug or alcohol treatment, multiple programs in conga park are available to residents (or non-residents) who struggle with addiction.

Easy Access to Addiction Treatment in Canoga Park

We at Elysium Health help residents throughout Canoga Park connect with the various addiction treatment programs that are in the area. Enrolling in a local program has multiple benefits, as opposed to going out of the area or simply doing something online.

Local Canoga Park drug and alcohol rehab treatment programs provide easy access to in-person services, which can be more helpful than services that rely solely on telehealth appointments. Suggestions can be more convincing and encouraging when you’re talking to a qualified professional who’s in the same room. In-person treatment is also necessary if you go through detox, which is often the first stage of rehab.

Easy access means that you can enroll in treatment even if transportation or other obligations pose challenges. You don’t have to arrange a long car ride somewhere else in Los Angeles or outside the metro area, and people in Canoga Park who visit during an in-person treatment likewise don’t have to drive far. Should you choose an outpatient program, you can get treatment while still going to work, attending class, taking care of children, or volunteering (which can provide further encouragement along your journey).

You’ll find multiple addiction treatment programs in the 91303, 91304, 91305 and 91309 zip codes that are near Canoga Park.

Options for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Among the various Canoga Park alcohol and drug rehab programs, you’ll find a full array of services. We regularly connect residents with outpatient, partial hospital and inpatient services.

Outpatient Rebab Programs

Outpatient rehab services provide access to treatment even if you aren’t able to check into a more intensive program. These services can also provide ongoing treatment after completing a more intensive program, thus continuing to give you some support as you continue life after treatment. The support can significantly reduce the likelihood of relapse.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

Transitioning to partial hospitalization services provides even more support, and this is often another option after completing a more intensive inpatient program. These are usually daytime programs. You can get support through counseling and support meetings, but still return home in the evenings to work, rest and see loved ones.

Partial hospitalization programs are run at hospitals, but there are ones that operate out of local health centers in the Canoga Park area too.

Inpatient Programs

Inpatient services include both long-term programs and short-term programs. Long-term programs resemble community settings at a structured facility, and they can be effective even if other programs haven’t worked in the past.

Short-term programs provide intensive support over a period of a few weeks, usually combining sobriety meetings, cognitive behavioral therapy and other services. Many people who need help enroll in short-term inpatient programs because they can be effective yet don’t require months-long enrollments.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers

Most addiction treatment programs for serious substances begin with detoxification, which is the process of removing the toxins caused by drugs and/or alcohol that are in the body. Detoxification isn’t fun to go through, but it’s necessary for serious addictions to harsh substances.

Medically assisted treatment (MAT) is sometimes recommended for detoxing from long-term alcohol abuse, amphetamines, sleep aids, narcotics and some other substances. Although the process isn’t fun, it significantly lessens recovery time and lowers the risk of relapse.

Going through the process at a nearby Canoga Park drug detox center may make the process easier. You’ll also find Canoga Park alcohol detox programs at these centers.

Recovery Meetings

Multiple organizations also offer recovery meetings and support groups throughout Canoga Park. These are sometimes sufficient on their own, but they’re often used in conjunction with other treatment programs.

With multiple meetings in the area, you can likely find one that is tailored to your particular struggle and fits your schedule. Meetings that focus on alcohol abuse, prescription drug addiction, illicit substance use and other issues are available.

Let a Professional Guide You

A knowledgeable professional who’s worked with others who rely on drugs or alcohol can help you determine which of these options is right for you. In many cases, they may recommend more than one course of treatment. The courses might be used sequentially or simultaneously, depending on your situation.

You Aren’t Alone in Your Struggles

If you’re struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol, you aren’t alone by any means. A tragic 8,908 Californians passed away from overdoses in 2020 (the latest year that CDC data is available for). Of course, these are only the people who succumbed to overdose.

Plenty of other people struggle with addictions that interfere with life and aren’t healthy, but haven’t yet resulted in an overdose death. Many others have had close calls with overdoses but were thankfully saved from the worst possible outcome.

Get the Local Help You Need

You don’t have to continue on the path of addiction, nor does someone close to you. If you’re in the Canoga Park area and require assistance overcoming substance abuse, let us connect you with a local treatment program that could help you successfully end addiction.