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Specialized, Gender-Specific Treatment


Men often use drugs or alcohol to cope with what society expects them to be. There are many aspects of the external environment that can create stress for today’s men and make it easier for them to turn toward substances. Men will also often start drinking at a young age in fear of not being viewed as ‘masculine’ enough.

There are a lot of differences between how men and women experience drug use. Generally, substance abuse is more common among men than it is among women due to biological and cultural factors. This is where rehab programs for men come in handy. Programs for men are often all about addressing the issues that addiction may have, as well as other life problems that might crop up.

These programs are designed to help men learn how to better communicate with their partners, children, and friends. The goal is to reduce the number of male addicts who end up returning to drugs or alcohol and resorting back to harmful behaviors.

Want to know more about how gender-based programs can help? Keep reading more to find out everything you need to know, including a brief overview of how addiction affects the male population.

General Overview of Men and Addiction

Men and addiction are an interesting topic. Men of all age groups start using alcohol and drugs at a higher rate than women. Men are also more likely to turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to cope with mental health or emotional issues.

Alcohol is the most common substance of choice for men, followed by prescription drugs and cocaine. Men may be driven to this behavior by a multitude of factors, including genetics and lifestyle choices. Compared to recreational and prescription drugs, alcohol is also one of the most expensive habits to maintain. This is due to the addict willing to spend as much money as necessary to support their habit. 

Men usually start drinking and using drugs at a younger age because they see it as a way to ‘escape’ their problems. There are 6 main reasons why a man might become addicted to drugs or alcohol:

The main reasons for addiction in men include:

  1. Childhood trauma
  2. Relationship trauma
  3. Grief from the loss of a loved one
  4. Societal pressure to be a certain type of way
  5. “Trying it one time”, or recreational use
  6. Pre-existing mental health disorder

As you can see, addiction can begin for a variety of reasons. Everyone has a different story, The temptation to start using drugs or alcohol can come from many different places.

They can come from a physical desire for the high, a psychological need to escape reality, or even just from boredom. Whatever the reason is, it’s essential to have the willpower to go through recovery. It’ll be the hardest thing they ever go through, but it’ll be worth it when they get back on track.

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Are Men Affected Differently by Substance Abuse and Addiction?

Contrary to popular belief, men are more likely to abuse substances than women.

The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) reports that men are more likely to abuse substances than women. They found that about 23% of men and 18% of women were abusing alcohol or drugs over the past year.

Men often have different needs than women, and it’s so important that their needs are met when it comes to addiction. 75% of the addiction population is male, but most gender-based programs only focus on women. Women make up a fairly large portion of the population, but men’s needs are also important to address.

The consequences of seeking help can be greater for male substance abusers with pressure to present as strong and unemotional. Typically, men addicted to drugs or alcohol are expected to minimize their use, no matter how bad it is. This mindset can continue without proper intervention from a therapist at a rehab facility.

The Benefits of Going to a Men’s Rehab Facility

Men’s rehab centers are designed to help men with mental and physical issues. These facilities provide men with the structured care and support they need to overcome addiction.

When a man enters a facility, he will be introduced to his treatment team, which will develop an individualized plan for him. This plan can include substance abuse therapy, reality therapy, art therapy, or other forms of treatment.

The benefits of men’s rehab centers are:

  • Opportunity to form close bonds with people who understand their struggle
  • Letting go of past traumas and working through heavy feelings without fear of judgment from others
  • Receive personalized treatment that’s focused on male-based issues

Men are often encouraged to show a false sense of invulnerability and self-sufficiency at all times. However, if this manner of thinking is left unaddressed, it can make the recovery process slower. Male drug and alcohol abuse issues should be taken proactively in order to accelerate the recovery process.

The lack of co-ed distractions during rehab allows them to refocus on your recovery. All-male rehab communities can offer a safe space to discuss sensitive issues without feeling judged.

Men are in a unique position when it comes to the subject of addiction and recovery. The challenge for them is finding a space where they can openly discuss these topics without fear of judgment. All-male rehab communities offer this type of environment and allow men to take control of their recovery.

Unlike co-ed rehabs, all-male drug rehabs provide the best chance of recovery for men dealing with pressures from society. Being able to bond with the other men at the rehab center about societal pressures will create a sense of understanding. A lot of addicts feel as though there is no one who understands what they are going through, but their future friends will. Knowing there are people who understand will evoke positive feelings, which will help the recovery process.

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From the moment you contact us, we will help you find the treatment program that best fits your individual needs – whether that is one of our programs or not. We aim to help every single person in finding their own path to lasting, sustainable recovery from substance abuse.

Elysium Healthcare is the Best Drug Rehab Center in California

One reason that men may dive into treatment more than women is that they don’t have the same stigma: people assume they are stronger and less likely to be affected. Treatment is gender-specific and can help men recover from a variety of substance abuse disorders such as alcoholism, drug addiction, and prescription drug abuse.

Elysium Healthcare is a drug rehab center that specializes in helping men with addiction. We provide an individualized approach to recovery and offer a variety of services for everyone. Elysium caters to the needs of each patient by addressing any underlying mental or physical condition that may be contributing to their addiction.

Regardless of how you started struggling with addiction or substance abuse, Elysium Health is here to help. We believe that when you begin to struggle with addiction or substance abuse, it’s not too late to get help. Our main goal is to provide the best care available so that you can find a treatment option that works for your specific needs. You deserve a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.

Our caring, supportive team is here to answer any questions you might have about our facility. We provide support and guidance so that you can make the right decision for your recovery journey. There’s nothing like a rehab center that actually cares about its patients. We want you to succeed, we want you to live your best life. 


If you need help, we’re here for you. The first step may be the hardest, but it’ll be the most rewarding. We’re here morning, noon, and night if you need to talk through an issue with a therapist or reach out at any point in time.

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Here at Elysium Healthcare, from the moment you make contact with our world-class admissions team, we work hard to build and establish a relationship with you and your loved ones. Whether you come to one of our programs or not, we will find you treatment options that work best for your individual needs – at no cost or obligation to choose our facilities. We believe in helping every single person in finding their own path to long-term, sustainable recovery from addiction.

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Elysium Healthcare works with most insurance providers at our facilities. Our admissions team works around-the-clock to ensure that those that need help have the access to get it. Verify your benefits and one of our treatment consultants will get back to you with more information on how you can get started.