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Specialized Treatment for the LGBTQ Community


When receiving the addiction treatment you need, it is always important to select an environment that is welcoming, safe, and supportive of your lifestyle and improvement. As someone within the LGBTQ+ community, you know that it can be difficult to find rehab centers for LGBTQ individuals. If you are a member of the LGBTQ community and are wanting to turn over a new leaf in your life, select a rehab center for LGBTQ individuals. Only these centers will understand you, your needs, and your traumas.

Rehab centers for LGBTQ individuals are specifically designed to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all patients. The other patients at an LGBTQ rehab center, as well as the medical staff, are honest, accepting, and supportive so you can begin your road to recovery in an open and caring environment.

Only by selecting an LGBTQ drug addiction treatment will you be able to receive the honest, caring, and comprehensive addiction treatment you need. From supportive members who understand what you’re going through to two uniquely made counseling services for your partners and family members, LGBTQ treatment centers can help you and your family recover and heal from the addiction.

A top treatment center for LGBTQ is Elysium Health. Elysium Health provides friendly treatment centers for LGBTQ communities. Our LGBTQ rehab center is a fully functioning rehab center that is equipped to deal with your addiction, all while helping your unique traumas as an LGBTQ individual. All the while, our other patients and medical staff are accepting and nonjudgmental so you can focus on improving and healing. Select the top treatment center for LGBTQ by choosing Elysium Health.

Addiction and the LGBTQ Community

If you are a member of the LGBTQ community and are suffering from addiction, you are not alone. Studies suggest that individuals within the LGBTQ community are more likely to suffer from substance abuse than in heterosexual communities. 

In fact, as much as 37.6% of sexual minority adults use marijuana, whereas only 16.2% of the overall population use marijuana. Marijuana is not the only substance that is used at higher rates. As many as 9% of sexual minorities use opioids. In comparison, only 3.8% of the overall adult population uses opioids. These statistics are just two examples of addiction being a more pressing issue in the LGBTQ community than in the heterosexual community.

Furthermore, LGBTQ communities are more likely to have psychiatric disorders. In more plain terms, LGBTQ individuals are more likely to suffer from depression, suicide, self-harm, and eating disorders than straight and nontransgender counterparts. This fact is imperative in understanding addiction in the LGBTQ community because addiction and mental illness often go hand in hand. When the two are present, they both need to be treated for a full recovery.

Although these statistics may seem bleak, the LGBTQ community is improving in terms of addiction and mental health. This improvement is largely because of welcoming treatment facilities that are equipped to handle the unique needs of LGBTQ individuals who suffer from addiction and mental illness.

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Find the Best Program for YOU

Benefits of a LGBTQ-Specific Addiction Treatment

As an LGBTQ member, you can select any addiction treatment center, but LGBTQ-specific addiction treatment is often the best course of action. Whenever you select a rehab center for LGBTQ individuals, you know you will get a welcoming environment that knows how to deal with your unique traumas and situation. Here are some benefits of attending an LGBTQ-specific addiction treatment center:

  • Honesty: In order to recover, you have to be honest with yourself and others. Whenever you are in a facility that accepts your lifestyle, it’s a lot easier to be honest. You don’t have to hide your sexual orientation or hide any parts of yourself. You can be completely honest with yourself in order to show self-respect and improve on your journey
  • Acceptance: Anyone in the LGBTQ community knows how disheartening it is to be judged for sexual orientation. For years, homosexuality and other sexual minority orientations were viewed negatively, even by medical professionals. When you are at an LGBTQ rehab center, you know you will receive acceptance from the other members and the medical staff.
  • Support: In order to have a successful recovery, you need a support system that understands you and roots you on. At an LGBTQ center, you will get support from LGBTQ peers. Your partners and family members will also receive adequate counseling that traditional centers may not be able to provide.

Because of the honesty, acceptance, and support provided by LGBTQ-specific addiction treatment centers, individuals within the community are more likely to succeed on their journey of recovery.

LGBTQ-Specific Addiction Treatment

What to Expect from Our Compassionate Staff

Historically, individuals within minority sexual orientation groups were afraid to reach out for the medical help they need. After all, many doctors, nurses, and medical professionals have diagnosed and treated homosexuality and other minority sexual orientations as an illness. Because of this fact, it’s no shock that many LGBTQ individuals are afraid to speak with medical professionals about their problems.

Here at Elysium Health, you do not have to worry about our staff members judging your lifestyle. Not only are our staff members supportive of LGBTQ members, but they are also professionals in dealing with addiction specifically. In other words, our compassionate staff is welcoming of all sexual minorities, and they will not judge your addiction. Instead, they will treat you with the compassion and respect you deserve in order to begin your life of sobriety on a healthy note.

Begin Your Journey to Recovery

From the moment you contact us, we will help you find the treatment program that best fits your individual needs – whether that is one of our programs or not. We aim to help every single person in finding their own path to lasting, sustainable recovery from substance abuse.

Our LGBTQ Drug Rehab Center

Here at Elysium Health, our LGBTQ drug rehab center is a holistic center equipped with many amenities that can help you begin your life of sobriety. 

At the center of our LGBTQ rehab center is our comprehensive medical care. Our staff members are not only welcoming of LGBTQ individuals, but they are best in state for providing medical care for individuals who suffer from addiction. As a result, you will have constant access to nurses and doctors who are specialized in treating addiction and mental illness in LGBTQ individuals.

Unlike many other LGBTQ rehab centers, Elysium Health takes a holistic approach to treatment. This holistic approach means that we use holistic treatments in addition to standard western practices. Some examples of holistic treatments we use include yoga, meditation, and acupuncture. Together, the use of holistic and traditional treatment methods will allow you to heal from the inside out. 

In addition to our medical facility, Elysium Health makes sure that our inpatient treatment center is as welcoming and comfortable as possible. Our luxury facility includes workout areas, comfortable beds, and even beautiful lawns. All of these amenities ensure that you can relax, unwind, and focus on healing.

Begin Your Healing At Elysium Health

If you or a loved one is a member of the LGBTQ community and is suffering from addiction, contact Elysium Health today. Our rehab Center for LGBTQ communities is honest, accepting, and supportive of LGBTQ members. As a result, our LGBTQ drug addiction treatment is effective, safe, and welcoming to everyone.

To learn more about the LGBTQ rehab center at Elysium Health, give us a call today. Our welcoming and accepting staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you decide if our treatment plan is right for you.

We Work With Most Major Insurance

Elysium Healthcare works with most insurance providers at our facilities. Our admissions team works around-the-clock to ensure that those that need help have the access to get it. Verify your benefits and one of our treatment consultants will get back to you with more information on how you can get started.