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Dual Diagnosis

PTSD Treatment

What Is PTSD?

By definition, trauma arises from highly stressful events that are difficult to cope with. As a result of this traumatic event, the victim may feel helpless, insecure, and uncomfortable in general.


Each person is capable of tolerating traumatic events to a different extent. Depending on the individual, it might be as simple as separating from a loved one. For others, it could be something more serious, such as being the victim of violence.


This is because everyone responds to situations differently, and each person’s threshold for pain and suffering is distinct.


But trauma is not PTSD.


It is normal to experience trauma. In fact, data shows that 70% of American adults have experienced a traumatic event at some point in their lives. However, everyone eventually recovers from the trauma and moves forward.

But if the trauma is severe enough, it can cause PTSD. In contrast to trauma, PTSD affects a smaller percentage of the population, with only 7-8% of Americans reporting suffering from it.

PTSD is a mental health condition that requires medical attention. Its symptoms permeate every aspect of an individual’s life, making it difficult to find joy or engage in everyday activities.


Not sure whether you or someone you love might be suffering from PTSD? Then get in contact with Elysium Healthcare trauma treatment Los Angeles by calling (855) 641-5541. Our admissions team can help you find the answers.

The Signs and Symptoms of Trauma and PTSD

These are the most common psychological signs and symptoms of trauma and PTSD


  • Feeling of numbness
  • Feeling sad, depressed, and/or hopeless
  • Being anxious or fearful
  • Having difficulties concentrating
  • Being in shock, denial, or disbelief
  • Playing the self-blame game 
  • Feeling ashamed
  • Being angry and moody

These are the most common physical signs and symptoms of trauma and PTSD


  • Aches and pains
  • Feeling agitated or on the edge
  • Insomnia
  • Feeling fatigued
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Having a racing heartbeat


Are you or anyone you love experiencing any of these signs and symptoms? Get in contact with Elysium Healthcare PTSD Therapy Los Angeles by calling (855) 641-5541. Our admissions team can help determine if your symptoms could be a serious condition.

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PTSD Dual Diagnosis

Although awareness of PTSD is growing, many harmful myths and stereotypes still exist. For instance, many people assume that PTSD is simply a matter of getting over it, ignoring its complexity and challenges.

While these misconceptions may be well-intentioned, they can be dangerous and lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms when individuals ignore or try to overcome their symptoms on their own. 


As a result, many individuals with PTSD may turn to drugs or alcohol for relief. This has led to a significant number of people with mental illness also experiencing co-occurring substance abuse disorders also known as dual-diagnosis.


The terms dual diagnosis and co-occurring disorders are almost interchangeable. When mental health disorders and substance abuse disorders coexist in a patient, it is called a dual diagnosis. Dual diagnoses make healing difficult for patients because both disorders exacerbate each other.


If you or a loved one suffer from a dual diagnosis involving PTSD, it’s imperative to seek treatment at a reputable PTSD recovery center. 


Elysium Healthcare trauma treatment Los Angeles offers PTSD and dual-diagnosis treatments to those who need them. Our centers are staffed with highly skilled medical professionals and offer comprehensive treatment resources to address PTSD, substance abuse, and other co-occurring disorders. 

Contact Elysium Healthcare PTSD Therapy Los Angeles today by calling (855) 641-5541.

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From the moment you contact us, we will help you find the treatment program that best fits your individual needs – whether that is one of our programs or not. We aim to help every single person in finding their own path to lasting, sustainable recovery from substance abuse.

PTSD Treatment in Los Angeles

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can manifest in a variety of ways. These can include acute stress disorder, complex PTSD, and adjustment disorder. In order to recover from PTSD, one needs to determine the specific subtype they have experienced.

Treatment for PTSD involves receiving appropriate medical care to address symptoms, underlying causes, and co-occurring conditions. 

This involves consultations with licensed therapists and certified medical professionals specialized in trauma. It is these professionals who will diagnose the individual’s PTSD, as well as determine its origins, triggers, and coping mechanisms.


The treatment of PTSD may also incorporate pharmacological interventions. Which involves the use of medicines to alleviate the symptoms and condition.


In some cases, medication is not necessary, and its administration is carefully considered, especially for those with co-occurring conditions.


In addition to treating PTSD, comprehensive treatment also addresses co-occurring disorders and substance abuse problems. In order to understand the underlying causes of addiction and cultivate healthier coping mechanisms, substance abusers can engage in therapeutic sessions with licensed professionals and substance abuse counselors.


In essence, PTSD treatment aims to provide holistic care for patients. Our treatment facility will provide them with exceptional medical care that addresses all relevant conditions, enabling them to leave with an enhanced understanding of their PTSD and a better quality of life. 


By working with proficient medical experts, individuals can learn effective coping strategies to manage their PTSD symptoms and confront their challenges proactively.


A reputable PTSD treatment center in Los Angeles offers numerous benefits. In general, top rehabs like Elysium Healthcare offer comprehensive medical resources and support for treating all underlying causes and related disorders. 

By treating all co-occurring conditions, individuals have the highest recovery opportunity.

In particular, this is important for individuals who suffer from PTSD and have co-occurring substance abuse issues. 

The two conditions must be addressed simultaneously to achieve complete recovery. It may not be possible to obtain the resources and assistance needed for a fulfilling and healthy life by focusing solely on one medical condition.

Ready to receive the treatment you deserve? Contact Elysium Healthcare PTSD Therapy Los Angeles today by calling (855) 641-5541 and ask to speak to one of our trauma treatment Los Angeles admission counselors.

Our team is equipped with top anxiety specialists in Orange County, as well as other professionals that can age your recovery process. Our team members will work together to create a personalized treatment plan that will help you uncover the underlying causes of your addiction and overcome them one step at a time.

Our comprehensive treatment plans include everything you could need to get well. We offer medical detox, residential inpatient, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, outpatient programs, and sober living opportunities to ensure you have assistance through every step in your recovery.

While at our facility, you’ll have access to around-the-clock nursing staff, top doctors, psychiatrists, and empathetic staff that will guide you in your recovery. Our facilities are also luxurious and will allow you to feel at home while you receive the treatment you need.

We even provide alternative therapies to ensure you heal from the inside out. These alternative therapies are used in conjunction with medically backed treatment to ensure maximum care.

If you or a loved one is suffering from co-occurring anxiety and substance use disorder, it’s time to get help. Elysium Healthcare is here so you can begin your journey to recovery. Call our facility today to learn more about our offerings and to decide if one of our programs is right for you.

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Despite the misconception that addiction only happens among homeless populations, addiction happens to everyone for a wide array of reasons. Even professionals suffer from high rates of addiction. It’s important that professionals receive the adequate care they need in order to overcome their addiction and begin healing.

If you are a professional who is suffering from addiction, contact Elysium Health today. Our experienced but compassionate staff can help you overcome your addiction one step at a time. Give us a call today to learn more about our executive drug rehab facility.

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Elysium Healthcare works with most insurance providers at our facilities. Our admissions team works around-the-clock to ensure that those that need help have the access to get it. Verify your benefits and one of our treatment consultants will get back to you with more information on how you can get started.

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If you or a loved one has fought for our nation’s freedom and are now suffering from substance abuse, you are not the only one, and you deserve help in return. After sacrificing and putting so much on the line for our nation’s freedoms and citizens, you should seek out substance abuse treatment for veterans. Elysium Health offers comprehensive, dual diagnosis treatment for veterans so you can heal from your traumas and begin your life of sobriety.

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