How to Get a Job After Rehab Ends

Leaving rehab is the beginning of a life-long journey into recovery. At first, it can be challenging for an addict to begin to live a normal life, particularly if they have been off the rails for a long time. Re-entering the workforce or getting a job after rehab can present its own set of challenges.

For example: Going back to an old job could trigger the addict’s old habits, or it could become a source of shame due to previous addictive behaviors in the workplace. On the other hand, not being employed and having a gap on the CV could make it difficult to land at the top of the stack.

The good news is that everything is much easier when you are sober, getting over an addiction is an impressive accomplishment that shouldn’t be understated – The recommendations in this article can help addicts get their careers back on track.

Flipping the Script

  1. This one may not be for everybody, but hear me out – most people will naturally want to hide the details about their recovery from potential employers, and this is absolutely FINE. However, there is a great deal of power behind your story and what you just went through that can be used in your favor. 

It’s true that some employers will be judgmental and discriminatory, but there will also be a large number of them that will see your recovery as something positive.


  • Strength: Recovery is not a weakness, it’s a strength. Most people are barely able to maintain control over their diet, let alone stop drinking forever. The discipline and strength of an addict in recovery is unmatched. Those are soft skills that are in high demand in the business world, get your bragging rights in order because you deserve them.
  • Courage: Courage is also a high-demand soft skill in the business world. Having the courage to discuss your recovery can demonstrate that you can be a good leader and tackle situations in a level-headed way.
  • Honesty: Most will assume that addicts in recovery would keep their condition a secret, openly speaking about it shows that you are an honest person that can be trusted. Business is based on trust and honest employees are highly sought after.

Choosing the high route is a personal choice, each person must use their best judgment to understand what’s best for the situation, but it’s definitely worth giving it a try.

Assistance Programs and Online Sources

There are many local and state programs available to help addicts in recovery get on their feet financially. For example, in Pennsylvania, there is a Vocational Rehabilitation program that offers job assistance to those in recovery. Opting for a program that works with employers that are aware of your condition will help relieve the anxiety of talking about it.

Other great online sources for getting a job after rehab include:

Be Resourceful

We live in a world full of opportunity where those who persevere, prevail. A “no” doesn’t mean much, there is always another opportunity and you must keep trying. 

Don’t be afraid to tap into your network, not only your professional network but also your friends and family. Make sure you bring up your situation when you attend 12-step meetings, there can always be someone who may know of an opportunity, and who better understands your situation than a fellow recovery addict.

Prioritize Your Recovery

Being a bartender is not the best choice for an alcoholic in recovery, not that it can’t be done, but surely there are also other ways. Maybe in a different role, your new coworkers could be heavy drinkers or even users and that may place pressure on you, if that’s the case seek to speak to a specialist and re-think your options. 

Getting a job after rehab shouldn’t interfere with your recovery. Whatever comes your way, make sure it doesn’t become more important than your recovery or place it at risk. Losing your progress with relapse can bring you back to step one and end up costing you the job. 

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