How to Get a Loved One Help For Substance Abuse

Getting someone we love into rehab might be easier said than done. Unfortunately, addiction is a disease that overcomes self-will and leads those who suffer from it down a path of self-inflicted destruction that they can rarely gain control over.

For this reason, the help of friends and family is critical in guiding the misguided on to the road of recovery.

But what can you actually do to get a loved one into drug rehab? Let’s take a look.


You might be familiar with the first step of a 12-step program even if you’ve never attended a meeting before.

The media has famously made known the admission of one’s addiction as the first step toward recovery. 

It’s no coincidence that the first step is at the beginning, after all you can’t fix what you don’t know it’s broken.

If addicts can’t come to the mere realization that there is an issue, then it’s likely they will fail to pull the strength needed to stick around when the challenges of recovery become evident.

If you think that your loved one might be suffering from drug or alcohol abuse, then trying to reason with them and showing them the signs and symptoms of their problem could help them recognize the problem.

However, don’t be surprised if they don’t accept their condition right away. More times than not, most addicts will fail to recognize the problem.

Addiction causes stubbornness and difficulties with honesty, particularly being honest with themselves. This is part of how drugs and alcohol affect the way an addict thinks and behaves.

If that’s the case, have patience and don’t give up! This is normal. 

At the very least you will plant a seed that will help them ease into it. 


Part of the reason why an addict might not accept their condition right away is due to the fact that they might just not know enough about it.

They might not fully understand what are the consequences of their actions or the secondary problems that could arise from abusing drugs and alcohol. 

Educating ourselves and in turn, passing that education on to the addict could be a way to open their eyes to the problem and get them to seek professional help.

Many times, there can also be other underlying causes for their addiction. For example, co-occurring disorders or social factors like peer pressure or excessive stress.

Educating the addict about underlying conditions might also help them understand why they are behaving the way they are and what’s actually causing the problem.

Here are some helpful topics to study:

  • How drugs and alcohol affect their body and mind
  • What kind of treatments are available for them
  • Demystifying any misconceptions they may have about recovery or addiction
  • Looking into areas of their life that have been affected or into finances and see how that can be improved with sobriety
  • How substance abuse could lead to irreparable damage or death

You can browse our content library, which covers a variety of useful topics if you are unsure of where to get the best information to educate yourself.

In short, addicts may seek help if they are aware of the risks associated with substance abuse. Giving them the facts can empower them to make the right decisions.

Call a Professional

Stating the obvious here, yet many fail to take the right approach despite it being just a phone call away.

Contacting a rehab center and asking for help could be the quickest route to getting your loved ones in recovery. Rehab centers are equipped with experienced staff that can guide you through the necessary steps to get help for those you love.

A professional might offer to do an intervention that could help your loved one get into rehab.

Many people might shy away from professional help or put it off for fear of costs, unaware that costs are in many instances covered by insurance.

Ultimately a professional is trained to deal with these situations and can offer the best possible help.

How to Get in Contact With a Professional

The best way to get a loved one into drug rehab is by seeking out professional help.

Elysium Healthcare can offer you and your loved ones the support needed to get that special person into recovery.Contact Elysium today and one of our admissions professionals will guide you through the process.

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