Does My Wife Have a Drinking Problem?

Determining if your wife has a problem with alcoholism can be a conflictive judgment, attaching such a label to someone you love may feel a bit – harsh, particularly if you’ve never had any previous experience with addiction or alcoholism.

Yet, here we are, and you found this article because, perhaps, you have doubts and are asking yourself the question – is my wife an alcoholic? 

How Can Alcohol Affect Your Wife?

Data shows that over five million women in America suffer from an alcohol use disorder, a growing, and concerning number.

Women generally face higher risks than men when it comes to drinking, mainly due to biological differences. Understanding if your wife has a drinking problem is critical for her well-being and her chances of getting better before things spiral out of hand.

How to Determine if My Wife Has a Drinking Problem

Not everyone who drinks often is an alcoholic, and not everyone who drinks is a problem drinker. A habit of drinking may give off a bad impression of alcoholism and problem drinking – but let’s be clear – it’s not.

This then raises the question, if someone who drinks often is not an alcoholic should you still worry? And wonder “Is my wife an alcoholic?”

Well, the answer is not as straightforward, what characterizes you as an alcoholic is either a psychological or physiological dependence on alcohol. Put simply, an inability to stop. Nevertheless, problem drinkers without a physical dependence may still exhibit red flags which should not be ignored as these can lead to alcoholism or cause similar distress.

Confused yet? It’s OK – let’s clarify it.

5 Signs Your Wife Has a Drinking Problem

Ultimately, a recovery expert will be the one best suited to determine if there is a real problem; however, there are signs and symptoms that could signal the difference between a drinking habit and a drinking problem, which could prompt us to seek their advice.

These are some of the most common signs and symptoms that your wife may have a drinking problem:

  • She binge drinks: While drinking often is not considered problematic, drinking without the ability to stop or excessively drinking each time they pick up a glass can be a sign that there is a real problem.
  • She drinks even if it hurts the relationship: If her drinking has gotten out of hand and caused difficulties between the two of you, yet she still insists on continuing her drinking, then it’s probably a good idea to check in with a recovery expert
  • She has withdrawal symptoms: Withdrawal symptoms are the clearest sign of physical dependency in an addict. If any of the following symptoms are present when she stops drinking, then it’s time to seek medical help.


  • Hands shakes or Delirium Tremens
  • Insomnia
  • Abnormal irritability 
  • Anxiety
  • Paroxysmal sweating
  • Depression
  • Agitation
  • Headaches
  • Auditory Disturbances
  • Her life is spiraling out of control: If your wife is missing out on responsibilities because she doesn’t feel well after drinking, or her hangovers are getting the best of her then that’s a strong side that drinking has become a problem. Responsibilities are not the only thing that can be affected under this category; finances, relationships, hobbies, and life order can also be affected by problematic drinking.

  • She is making excuses: If she is constantly making up excuses to drink, and not owning up to the fact that alcohol is the cause of the chaos around her, then it’s time for her to check in on the first step of AA and end the denial.

Time to Make a Change

If after reading this article you are still wondering – is my wife an alcoholic? Then the best way to find out is by getting professional help. 

The recovery experts at Elysium Healthcare will be able to help you and your wife determine if there is a problem and how to resolve it.

Contact a recovery expert at Elysium today and find out 

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