Relapse Prevention Program

Recognizing that you need help and getting that helped for the first time is only half the battle. After you get the initial treatment you need to begin your life with sobriety, you also have to continue fighting for the new life you have worked hard to create. For many recovering addicts, what happens after they leave the facility is the toughest challenge of all. 

Comprehensive addiction treatment should always include some sort of relapse prevention program. Relapse prevention helps you to stay on the road to sobriety, even after you leave your sober living facilities. Without a relapse prevention program, it can be difficult to continue living soberly after you leave the facility.

The Possibility of Relapse

Many individuals who fight for sobriety believe that they will continue on the right road after returning home. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many addicts. Some studies have suggested that only about 30% of addicts do not relapse after leaving the facility. In other words, the vast majority of addicts relapse after their initial treatment at least once. 

Because the possibility of relapse is so high, it’s always important to be prepared in advance. Even if you believe that relapse will not happen, you always want to have a relapse prevention plan to keep you living the life you’ve worked hard for.

What is a Relapse Prevention Program? 

A relapse prevention program is a program designed to help newly recovered addicts stay sober. Relapse prevention programs are typically tailored to the individual to ensure each person gets the treatment and care they need for their unique situation. Recovering addicts will work c loosely with their doctors to create a plan for them. 

What’s Included in a Relapse Prevention Program? 

Relapse prevention programs include various techniques and methods to help individuals stay on the course of sobriety. Some examples of treatments included in relapse prevention programs include group therapy, individual therapy, and sober living homes.

Sober living homes are typically the first step in relapse prevention. These homes are designed for individuals who have finished their course in residential inpatient care, but still want to live in a sober community. With sober living homes, you will be in a sober environment and find support in other individuals like yourself.

Once you’ve moved out of sober living homes, you can still participate in certain relapse prevention programs, such as therapy or group therapy. The idea behind these programs is to help you have the resources you need to stay sober, even when you are living your normal life again.

Is a Relapse Prevention Program Right For Me?

Relapse prevention programs are right for anyone who has struggled with addiction in the past and is now beginning to live a life of sobriety. In other words, everyone who has fought to have a sober life should get involved in a relapse prevention program.

Even if you feel that you will not be tempted to relapse, it’s still a good idea to enroll in a relapse prevention program. Because the chances of relapse are so high, having a prevention program can ensure you continue living your sober life.

Elysium Healthcare provides relapse prevention programs for individuals who have suffered from addiction in the past but who now want to live a sober life. With our prevention programs, you can continue living sober and get the help you need to avoid falling back into the same habits as before.

If you are interested in learning more about what is a relapse prevention program or if a relapse prevention program is right for you, contact Elysium Healthcare today. Our experienced and compassionate staff are happy to work with you to determine if our sober living homes or relapse prevention programs are right for you.

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